Protective coating

Groupe Lefebvre offers a wide variety of solutions to protect your concrete and steel surfaces against environmental elements.

We are experts in coating installations that preserve the integrity of your structures. Whatever the protection needed, Groupe Lefebvre has the perfect solution for you.

Benefits of protective coating:

  • Resistant to chemicals, water and chloride ions
  • Bonds well to substrates
  • Cohesive power (capacity to remain stable)
  • Flexibility and elongation
  • Resistant to meteorological conditions, abrasion and impacts

Groupe Lefebvre has the most powerful equipment in the industry and can therefore address all of your needs. Our teams are qualified in health and safety and achieved the technical training of the following associations: ASP, NACE, ACI, and ICRI.

Specific services

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  • Molson Stadium

    In the Spring of 2010, University McGill and the Montreal Alouettes have enlarged the Molson Stadium. A new structure made of precast concrete allowed the addition of 5,000 seats and many private boxes.

  • George Washington Bridge

    Groupe Lefebvre and Venture Construction (American subsidiary), in conjunction with Bishop/Sanzari, have waterproofed the bottom level roadways of the bridge, as well as its access ramps on the New Jersey side.

  • Green roof (LEED Gold project)

    With a surface of over 30,000 square-feet, including an accessible 8,000 square-foot terrace, where Groupe Lefebvre built two ponds that, helped by plants, are tasked to filter the greywaters of the building.