Molson Stadium

In the Spring of 2010, University McGill and the Montreal Alouettes have enlarged the Molson Stadium. A new structure made of precast concrete allowed the addition of 5,000 seats and many private boxes.

Project : Addition to the Molson Stadium (McGill University)

The mandate of Groupe Lefebvre was to install over 1,000 linear feet of expansion joints.

Works completed

  • Repair and preparation of precast concrete surfaces
  • Supply and installation of ”Thermaflex” expansion joints from Emseal

Specifications of the project
The timeline on this project was very short. The delivery date couldn’t be delayed, because the season’s opening game of the Alouettes was imminent.

The joint had to be precast in a manufacture located in Boston. We had to measure the distance between each and every angle as precisely as possible.