Beauharnois’ suspension bridge

Refection of the Beauharnois' suspension bridge on 132 road

The Beauharnois’ suspension bridge is located on 132 road, near the hydroelectric facility of the same name. This project mostly consisted of the replacement of all the bridge’s suspenders, which connect the main suspension cables to the orthotropic deck.

The rehabilitation of some main suspension cable sections and the replacement of the vertical ridges and a shear key were also needed.

These works were completed in 2 stages, during the summer of 2011 and 2012.

Works completed:

  • Installation of temporary waterproof shelters, maintained by negative pressure to allow the cleaning and the removal of the existing protective paste containing lead on some sections of the upstream main suspension cable.
  • Removal of the existing wrapping cable, replacement of the cedar hearting, application of a new protective paste on all strands, reinstallation of a new wrapping cable, and application of an anti-corrosive paint on some sections of the upstream main suspension cable.
  • Replacement of the 56 vertical suspenders, including the installation of temporary suspenders, the removal of the existing suspenders, the removal and rehabilitation of the existing suspenders’ collars, the rehabilitation of the main cable located beneath the collars, the reinstallation of the existing collars after the complete rehabilitation and installation of new suspenders.
  • Replacement of a shear key and 4 vertical ridges. These structural elements are crucial to transfer some of the structural efforts of the bridge deck toward the abutments.

Specifications of the project:

  • During the replacement of the suspenders, complete closings of the bridge were necessary to minimize the loads on the bridge deck. All these works were completed at night.